Sunday, 26 October 2014


I mean who doesn't?

I honestly think a beard and top knot is a winning combo. I attempted a top knot myself with an elastic band last week, however I looked less Dalston hipster and more Miley Cyrus. FAIL.


I could not have been more lucky enough than to get the fantastic opportunity to have a whole sample of MAP MY HEART in Issue 4 of HELLO MR! I am literally over the freaking moon. Ever since I first read Hello Mr #1, I knew this was something different to your normal gay lifestyle magazine. Instead of semi naked men sweating over a dumbbell, you're given thought provoking poetry, editorials, stunning photographs and illustrations and tons of ideas. I like anything where afterwards you feel like you have learnt something. Something that matters. Getting a sample (with exclusive an intro text) into this mag means that people across the globe are seeing MAP MY HEART for the first time and I have to thank Ryan Fitzgibbon for being such a star in letting me do this and working it into this issue.

Even better is that there are people instagramming their favourite photos! I love when this happens. Here's a tiny few, but if you have an issue and want to send me your pic PLEASE DO. My instagram is @domandink, tag me or DM me...

It seems there was one spread that was pretty popular. Give these lovely folks a follow @hellomr and....

Photo Credit IG; @mcqueenismypapi

                                                 Photo Credit IG @nathanielmanual

Photo Credit IG @philiplouiscalabro

DOM&INK does London Fashion Week #LFW

I haven't updated this blog in over two months. I know, I'm so shite sometimes. In between finishing off MAP MY STYLE, doing commissions and working my ass off at my part time job I've made a list of all the stuff I need to update on the blog and this was number one!!. So it's Sunday, I'm not hungover and I feel a blogging spree coming on. 

Amelia's Magazine always does great coverage of the LFW collections and I love how we get to see not just the big designers but the up and coming ones too. I was given photos from the SS15 catwalk of Min Wu and Youjia Jin.

YOUJIA JIN - Ok, as soon as I saw the outfits and saw one that had a) a power bob and b) HUGE SHOULDER PADS I knew had to illustrate it. Shoulder pads are always fun to draw as they exaggerate the proportions and make anyone look super fierce. I LOVED doing this illustration. Whenever I put these together I try and think about what colours work well also. The colour palette for this collection was grey, white and black but I wanted to add something to make that bob and sharp shoulders I added a nice tangerine colour to set it off. Colour is something I always struggle with, mainly because I don't like too much fuss or colour in my illustrations and because I'm so bloody indecisive I can spend forever fussing being all like 'ohhh does this pale pink really set off this soft green?' and then I think to myself, 'sort your shit out DOM and get on with it!' 

Next up is 

MIN WU - Wu's collection was really fun to draw. There was so much variety in each outfit I had no idea where to start as I kind of wanted to draw them all. I decided on keeping a focus on the head pieces, as I have a thing for drawing elaborate hair. I have no idea why, but give me a bouffant or huge weave and I'm all that shit like cheesecake. 

I also produced an alternate version with an added figure to show the outfit off too. I'd spent so long working on this I wasn't too sure if it really worked all that well so I sent both versions to Amelia and I agree the one without works way better as a final image.

You can read the full write up of the shows and see all the stunning outfits over HERE

Thursday, 21 August 2014


In the next few months I'll be changing things up here at Dom&Ink HQ. While this blog will still run, I want to vary the posts more. I'll be writing about my ideas, my thought process and also more on what inspires me as an illustrator. I want to talk about how to creatively motivate yourself, books that have great tips and of course, COMICS. yeahhhh. Furthermore, I'll be announcing the name of a NEW blog I'll be running alongside this...

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

MY BEARDS VEST at Big Cartel

I decided to produce my first ever vest line. Now, this line is rather small BUT I'm testing the waters to see if it sells. Ideally I want to produce a load more Dom&Ink merchandise and rule the world but baby steps first. This vest is UNISEX. Girls, guys and bears can wear it. Comes in S/M or L/XL. Generous fit and limited edition! It's available over at my Big Cartel store HERE
So why not grab one, pop it on and send me a selfie!

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

SAME SEX WEDDING POSTCARD for Brighton's Royal Pavilion

This was such a cool commission. I was able to design the front and back of a postcard for the Royal Pavilion for same sex weddings. If I'm right, this is the first time the Royal Pavilion has ever been able to offer this so it was such an honour to do this postcard. NO that isn't me on the front by the way. These postcards are available around Brighton and if you and your partner are thinking of getting hitched then look no further HERE . Hollah at me for some invites maybe?


I'm so happy to reveal my next book officially has a title! MAP MY STYLE is an interactive journal on fashion, style and attitude for girls of all shapes and sizes. I have learnt so much the past 18 months on how a book gets published and what works and what doesn't that this has been tweaked and fine tuned within an inch of it's 144 page life! I'm really looking forward to showing everyone the spreads, colour scheme and announce all the awesome stuff that will launch with and BEFORE the book comes out. More on that later...


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