Thursday, 21 August 2014


In the next few months I'll be changing things up here at Dom&Ink HQ. While this blog will still run, I want to vary the posts more. I'll be writing about my ideas, my thought process and also more on what inspires me as an illustrator. I want to talk about how to creatively motivate yourself, books that have great tips and of course, COMICS. yeahhhh. Furthermore, I'll be announcing the name of a NEW blog I'll be running alongside this...

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

MY BEARDS VEST at Big Cartel

I decided to produce my first ever vest line. Now, this line is rather small BUT I'm testing the waters to see if it sells. Ideally I want to produce a load more Dom&Ink merchandise and rule the world but baby steps first. This vest is UNISEX. Girls, guys and bears can wear it. Comes in S/M or L/XL. Generous fit and limited edition! It's available over at my Big Cartel store HERE
So why not grab one, pop it on and send me a selfie!

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

SAME SEX WEDDING POSTCARD for Brighton's Royal Pavilion

This was such a cool commission. I was able to design the front and back of a postcard for the Royal Pavilion for same sex weddings. If I'm right, this is the first time the Royal Pavilion has ever been able to offer this so it was such an honour to do this postcard. NO that isn't me on the front by the way. These postcards are available around Brighton and if you and your partner are thinking of getting hitched then look no further HERE . Hollah at me for some invites maybe?


I'm so happy to reveal my next book officially has a title! MAP MY STYLE is an interactive journal on fashion, style and attitude for girls of all shapes and sizes. I have learnt so much the past 18 months on how a book gets published and what works and what doesn't that this has been tweaked and fine tuned within an inch of it's 144 page life! I'm really looking forward to showing everyone the spreads, colour scheme and announce all the awesome stuff that will launch with and BEFORE the book comes out. More on that later...

Monday, 18 August 2014

Dom&Ink for WHISTLE BLOWER CLOTHING - The AW14 Look Book

In between doing commissions and completing various rewrites on MAP MY STYLE, I was also asked by Whistle Blower Clothing to produce an illustrated AW14 look book for their brand new menswear clothing line. For me, this was a great opportunity as for once, I got to draw DUDES. BOOOOOM. I haven't drawn dudes in ages and it was super fun. Though on some I kept getting carried away with their cheekbones and huge hair and had to reign it in. Either way, the look book had a lot of hard work put into it by myself and Ray at Whistle Blower. I can also state that from someone who has seen some of the finished products, there is at least one orange mac I am determined to own!
 In the coming weeks I will do a full post on how I made the look book, the ideas process and the final product.
For now though, check out the FULL finished piece HERE...

Monday, 7 July 2014

Dom&Ink's M.M.U Degree Show HIGHLIGHTS

 I visited the MMU Degree Show - 'Alwaysallwaysland' being slightly biased.,.I mainly looked at just the illustration stuff. I didn't have a whole lot of time to get round the whole show (5 floors and another building) but did get plenty of photos.

See MMU has a special place in my heart for me as I studied Illustration with Animation there when I was a student. This degree really helped me hone my love for all things illustration and really taught me to think creatively outside the box. It also was a time when I wore skin tight white skinny jeans, guy liner and had a FRINGE. Yes people, that happened, a fringe. I'd put a photo up but I looked like the boy from The Grudge meets Russell Brand.

First things first, the MMU buildings are SPECTACULAR . These kids don't know how good they sodding have it. When I was there, for computer related tasks we had a computer room or a guy with  trolley of old laptops he'd whip out for inductions. Now, they have huge screened Apple Macs lining the walls. All across the walls. Also, all the courses are on top of each other. There are 5 floors all with stairs down the middle and sides that inter connect each studio with one another. The kids in illustration can see the guys in art direction, there's a roof top terrace, a new cafĂ© and POSH TOILETS.

Being an ex-student I was really excited to take a look around, so I slung my rucksack over my shoulder and walked in all like:
Image Credit: Quick Meme

Illustration with Animation did NOT disappoint, neither did Graphic Design. I got a wander round Fashion and quick perv at textiles. Take a look at the list below and make sure to follow these talented kids on all social media because they are very, very talented folks:



'The sky lantern letters you see before you have been positioned in a way that you can only view the words from certain positions around the space. Each position is marked with a [+] on the floor. The phrase is a simple one, 'You Are Here', which reminds us that in order to truly enjoy the now we must actually live in the now and be truly present where and when we can' - Matthew Scott/ YOU ARE HERE

Matthew's paper lanterns are not done much justice on these photos. In 3D, in the space, they looked stunning. He'd also taken great time in placing [+] symbols around the studio floor at different angles. It was fun and when I went loads of people were following the symbols. We all know I love a bit of interactivity *cough* Map My Heart *cough*


Abi's prints were some of the first ones I saw when I entered the Illustration space. I love the face of her figure, she really reminds me of one of my illustration inspirations, Daisy De Villeneuve. Daisy inspired me like how Cher inspires me to wear fishnets with a leather jacket on a Friday night. I can see Abi going far, her work is very commercial and could easily work on book covers or editorial. Her patterns need to be on jumpers or wallpaper. I vote BOTH.

Ellie's work caught my eye straight away. It was along a wall of loads of different prints but I've got to say hers really stood out to me. She had 4 prints up all centred on street harassment, each using illustrated type spelling out some gross comment some prick has said at some point. I couldn't take my eyes off these, I was there for 20 minutes reading them and then I went back again and again. This girl got talent, she made me (and plenty of others on the day) stop, look and THINK.
I'm really gutted that I can't find Natalie anywhere on the web. There's some blog write ups about her but I can't find any site/blog/linked in on her. I loved this print of different sewing equipment, just like Abi, I can see Natalie's illustration work commercially in print and editorial!
I used to be one of those people that would go to degree shows and get really into it and take a ton of free postcards. C'mon we've all done it right?! You get home and you frame some and feel like you're super arty. However 3 degree shows later, I understand the cost of these postcards. This time round I took like 3, as I know when you exhibit you really want that big top London agent to take one and not some lad in denim shorts and a pink check shirt... However with Chloe Smart's horned satanic seductress I totally took a freebie. This illustration is so dark yet beautiful. Smart says she explores 'two contrasting concepts of printed textiles for women and illustration on 'Modern Surrealism'' thus creating a blurred line that questions what is illustration and what is surface pattern design... Whatever she is doing, keep doing it. I can't wait to see more from this talented babe! 

I got about 10 mins in BA FASHION, which looked striking. The clothes were all hung on rails suspended from the ceiling with the designers' name printed onto swing tickets hanging from the garments. A video was projected onto the wall of the catwalk show. Loved it. You know what I love more though? An embellished, leather look, floral/tiki style biker jacket. It's like Natalie made this knowing I'd been dreaming of it. She has no site or twitter or instagram that I can find, but if she reads this, link me up love...

Now I actually know Fran personally, I work with her. And aside from having a fantastic piece at the degree show, the little sausage kept quiet that she'd been awarded the prestigious Ian McIntyre Alumni Award! Now, if I had won that award, I'd be announcing it via megaphone on top of a huge truck with my face painted on it cruising down the streets of Manchester. I'd maybe include some dancers too with some choreography. Just saying...
Fran's piece was titled 'The Bookless Future' and it I can see how it won. It's a piece that is current to now and also has a fantastic twist at the end. My photo does not do this piece justice and I'm gutted I didn't get time to get a full panoramic of the space.  TBF is a piece told from the future, it's a reflection on how analog books (them ones with pages) are no longer available and very special collectors items and that the digital books have completely taken over. The whole 'story' is told through a timeline uniting a lot of different symbols, type and logos. I don't want to spoil it as I really hope Fran gets the chance to exhibit it in her own show one day for everyone to see as it truly is special.
Head to her site to find out more about the piece and the other work she has put together. She's right lovely.
Did you go to the degree show? Thinks anything I missed or should take a look at? Then hit me up in the comments!


Wednesday, 2 July 2014


 February was an amazing month. With it being Valentines Day on the 14th, I was going MAP MY HEART mental. We'd just secured it into a lot more Waterstones stores thanks to their lovely area manager Nicola AND at the Arndale they were nice enough to chuck it in the window! This again, was a surreal moment. Even now, it still feels so cool but so weird that THAT is my book in the sodding window of Waterstones! Now here's a pictorial list of all the amazing shit that went down in the month of lurrrvvveeee....and Map My Heart.

Laura avec said window.
WAREHOUSE did a giveaway of the book to win a £100 gift card and a copy of the book. My publishers Huck & Pucker gave away 5 copies and the competition went really well. I think we'd definitely like to do a summer one...
YORK WATERSTONES - There were 3 copies left. So I moved them to the front table to the Valentines display. All about the self promotion me...
NEC SPRING BOOK FAIR - Huck & Pucker had a stand showing off their amazing collection of mugs, books and notebooks. If you haven't got a notepad yet you need to. I have a 'Geekish...And Proud Of It' pad and it never left my side until my Mum nicked it. Check out blogger Amy Jane Alice's review of the notebook here.


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